Senior Manager / Manager / Asst Manager (Case Data) (One-Year Contract)

Ministry of Health



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Apr 14

Senior Manager / Manager / Asst Manager (Case Data) (One-Year Contract)

Agency: Ministry of Health

Job no.: 556228

Work type: Contract

Location: Singapore

Categories: InfoComm, Technology, New Media Communications, Healthcare, Statistics

The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) vision is to champion a healthy nation with our people – to live well, live long and with peace of mind. As an open country constantly exposed to an interconnected world, Singapore faces complex issues in public healthcare. MOH constantly grapples with new challenges brought on by an increasingly globalised world, a rapidly ageing population and rising expectations. MOH’s responses to these challenges include preventing and managing the outbreak of diseases such as SARS and Influenza A (H1N1), designing a healthcare system that delivers care in an integrated and effective manner, growing the capacity and capabilities within the sector, and managing healthcare inflation.

As an MOH officer, you will be involved in formulating and implementing policies that guide Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem. You will work alongside a team with varied skills and backgrounds, but with the common goals of (i) promoting good health and reducing illnesses; (ii) ensuring that Singaporeans have access to good and affordable healthcare; and (iii) pursuing medical excellence. Your work will have far-reaching impact on the health and lives of Singaporeans.


You will be responsible for maintaining the data needs and requirements for COVID-19 operations to support case management and conveyance of COVID positive cases to isolation facilities. You will need to work with key agencies to ensure the accuracy of data needs required for case management. We are looking for dynamic and self-motivated individuals who value integrity, teamwork and excellence. You will need to contribute both at the individual level and provide guidance to your team members.


  • At least 3-5 years of relevant experience. Applicants with no experience will be considered for the Asst Manager position
  • Prior working experience in data systems or health informatics will be an advantage
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to establish good network with various stakeholders and external agencies
  • Highly driven, goal-oriented professional who can operate under highly stressful environment
  • Resourceful and proactive, particularly in proposing alternate solutions to achieve desired outcomes
  • Good people and networking skills, with an ability to function in diverse environment settings
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Able to work during non-office hours and weekends occasionally when required

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